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Society for Community Action Process (SCAP – Balochistan) is a non-profit, non- governmental and non-political organization emerged with an idea of community ownership and development. Its formation was the result of UNICEF Balochistan initiated project (Child Survival & Development through Community Action Process CSD/CAP, 2004-2010) in Kalat District. The CSD/CAP started by involving numerous NGOs and CBOs. The idea of CAP was based on a participatory approach and aimed at community participation, empowerment and development for the sake of children. As a result, some 400 groups (Male/Female and Children) were formed to build the capacity of people and improve knowledge, attitudes and practices at community and household level.

The process provided an integrated approach towards child survival and development at the community level. The logic behind the process was the fact that sustainable development is directly proportional to the capacity building and ownership of individuals and groups at the community level. To fulfill the aim of the process, UNICEF hired a consultant from Nepal to train a group of people (Master Trainers, the main poll of CAP approach) and sent them to the communities to share information and build the capacity of local bearers.

They, in turn, trained community members as Group Facilitators who then formed single-gender groups of community members to discuss and develop solutions to child survival and development using the Triple-A Cycle (the heart of CAP approach) and PRA tools. This is a continuous process which entails assessing a situation, analyzing the causes, taking appropriate action and reassessing the situation. Since solutions are developed from within communities, they are sensitive to local ways and needs.

To facilitate the process of information sharing, community centers were constructed with the support of community groups in three clusters of Kalat District (involving 50 – villages). Thus, the master trainers started conducting sessions at the community centers for the formed groups of people. No longer after that the community groups became empowered and started sharing responsibility. All UNICEF campaigns such as POLIO, EPI, IDD, Vitamin A, Mother & Child Health, Sanitation and Hygiene, Early Childhood Development and Education were voluntarily run by the community groups in the respective areas. These groups also became a source of tremendous support for other non-profit organizations working in that particular area, such as UNDP, NCHD, PPHI, and PESP. This success story was highlighted as model on its targeted results & achievements form Uniecf and other analytical Organizations.

After an incredible success and as part of its sustainability plan, the motivated and experienced members of CAP gathered on a platform and promoted the idea of SCAP. They used their human and material resources and developed their linkages with other non-profit organizations. Since 2010 SCAP is registered with SWD and working on both self help basis and with some projects assigned by UNICEF, WFP, Provincial Nutrition Cell and Agha Khan Foundation. The idea that started with a small group of people has now spread too many parts of the province and its branches have been formed in many Districts of Balochistan. SCAP intends to promote its linkages internationally and work with potential non-profit organizations and convey the best and tested model of participatory approach. 

So far UNICEF campaigns such as POLIO, EPI, IDD, Mother & Child Health, Nutrition, Newborn Care, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Education have been facilitated and implemented by SCAP in the respective areas.