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Newborn Care through Community Action Process (NBC-CAP)

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Quetta / Lasbela, Balochistan

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Narrative Description of the Project:
Project Duration:         2011 to 2014 (Continued)
Project Location:         District Quett & District Lasbella

SCAP – Balochistan with the collaboration Unicef Balochistan (MNCHN – Section) started Community Based Newborn Care through Community Action Process at 3 – union councils; Aghbar, Nohsar & Balali of District Quetta since August 2011 continued and at 2- union councils; Usman Goth & Zehri Goth of District Lasbella since September 2013 continued. The main purpose of implementation was to provide a focused approach to enhance the demand for advantageous new born care practices and general health & hygiene practices at the house hold level. Its foundational principal for the sustainable development based on the capacity of individuals & communities to take responsibility for their own well-being to fulfil the project’s vision of child survival & development & therefore contribute in achieving the MDGs (4-5) related to IMR & MMR.
During the pilot phase it was learned that there is an exigent need of raising the knowledge level of the local communities regarding NBC on one hand & to empower so that they can take better & correct decisions for themselves when comes to their health in addition at the community & it was learned that the local communities are very much open to new ideas especially when it comes to health issues of themselves & their children. On other hand, there is a need of strengthening the health care delivery system, at the health facility level, so as to cope up with the increased utilization of the services ensuing to the increased demand of healthcare services.

SCAP has developed a micro joint work plan with Unicef to achieve the targeted outcomes results as following:

  • Targeted 2000 households’ survey & assessment of KAP / practices of health behaviours, IYCF & hygiene.
  • 130 Group Facilitators trained on IPCs & basic new-born care, nutrition & hygiene.
  • 130 – Community support groups formed & trained on New-born care and Fact For Life (FFL) massages include exclusive & inclusive breastfeeding.
  • Community members including mothers, fathers, relatives & extended family members sensitized / motivated on key health including Polio, Nutrition, hygiene & New-born practices. 
Base Line Survey
DeliveryHome 55%
Delivery Facilities 45%
Baby Bathing < 1 HR 66%
Baby Bathing 1 - 2 Days 6%
Breast Feeding < 1 HR 18%
Iodized Salt Usage 7%
Child Birth Registration 2%
CIB Updates
DeliveryHome 35%
Delivery Facilities 65%
Baby Bathing < 1 HR 3%
Baby Bathing 1 - 2 Days 79%
Breast Feeding < 1 HR 87%
Iodized Salt Usage 65%
Child Birth Registration 5%